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Acceleration Australia is a sports performance company.  

For over 20 years, we have used sports science and our own research to develop the best methods to help athlete move faster, jump higher and get stronger for sporting competition.

So far, over 10,000 athletes have trained with us as individual clients or as part of a club, team, academy member etc.

Mostly, we've enjoyed forming life-long relationships with our team of coaches.

Acceleration Team

And creating lasting friendships with our individual clients and athletes from sporting clubs and schools, teams and academies.

Friendships at Acceleration Australia

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Accelerware, online program platform

From the onset of our business, we got into technology - in a serious way!

We developed Accelerware to build a database of exercises and to write paperless training programs.

Online Training Programs | Acceleration Australia

Every single one of the over 130,000 training programs were written in this powerful platform.

This means athletes can access their programs anywhere, anytime using their smart phone or tablet!

Your Online Training Program

We created Acceleration Store because we want to help as many athletes as possible get stronger, avoid injury and enjoy their sport for a lifetime.

This means working on your body with an effective program that is easy to access, simple to follow and is affordable.

Online Training Programs | Acceleration Australia

We love sport. And we love helping athletes.  

For as little as $12, you can snag an online training program and Get Better Today at home or in your local gym.

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