Swimming JR Levels 1 - 4

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swimming online customised training program

All programs 1-4 include the following aspects that increase with technique and intensity as you progress:

  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Dynamic & Specific Warm Up Exercises  
  • Conditioning Exercises 
  • Power Training Exercises 
  • Strength Training Exercises 
  • Core Strength Exercises 
  • Recovery Exercises

Libby Trickett Swimming Training Program | Acceleration Australia

Build Stability and a Strong Foundation for Swimming

Acceleration Online Programs

Our simple to follow program layout includes photos, videos and coaching cues for each and every exercise.

The program design will progress you through set and rep patterns for each exercise.  Record the date, the weights you lift and any questions you need to ask your coach.

In a gym or at your home, your program has been designed to run on your smart phone or tablet.  An free Acceleration Athlete app is available on iOS and Android.


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Level 1 is the most important phase for you because it will produce real gains in the pool over the coming months. It is a foundation month where you will minimise stress on your joints and maximise muscular development through slow, controlled movements. During this training program you will develop your core stability and hip stability, while also improving your flexibility and balance.

Level 2 is all about ensuring joint stability while producing some serious gains in strength. This is also time to introduce lower body and upper body power training exercises to you program. You will really start to notice a difference in the pool before the end of this program.

Level 3 begins to work on some serious Power Development. This power will help to give you explosive starts and turns. By now your strength should be well established, so it is a time to take your strength endurance to another level. This level is tough, but so are you by now!  

Level 4  is the fiinal stage of your preparation will maximise your strength beyond belief. Basically we will complete high level power training combined with maximum strength training. You will reach new milestones that will be from all of your hard work over the past 4 months. With a good 10 day rest after the conclusion of this program, you will be ready to explode in the pool.

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Price: AU$72.00  $62.00 AUD
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