Rugby Union JR - Level 1

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rugby union online personalised training program

Your program includes:

  • 4 Trigger Points to assist in making you more mobile
  • 2 Barefoot Training exercises to activate intrinsic foot muscles
  • Level 1 Dynamic & Specific Warm-ups
  • 3 Rugby Union Specific Speed Training drills
  • 1 Rugby Union Specific Agility Training drills
  • 1 Rugby Union Specific Conditioning drill
  • 7-8 Rugby Union Specific Steering Training drills
  • 4 Rugby Union Specific Strength Training drills
  • 6 Recovery Foam Roller & Static Stretching exercises

Build Stability and a Strong Foundation for Rugby Union

Acceleration Online Programs

Our simple to follow program layout includes photos, videos and coaching cues for each and every exercise.

The program design will progress you through set and rep patterns for each exercise.  Record the date, the weights you lift and any questions you need to ask your coach.

In a gym or at your home, your program has been designed to run on your smart phone or tablet.  An free Acceleration Athlete app is available on iOS and Android.


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Level 1

This program is the first in a series of 4 programs that covers the essential building blocks to a successful rugby season. There is one vital ingredient to go with your world class training program and that is a world class work ethic. Do not purchase this program unless you are willing to work hard. Because if you are willing to put in your best effort you will attain truly great results even within the first 2 months. 

Get Better Today and order your online program from Acceleration Australia.

Price: $18.00 AUD
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