Ice Hockey SRs - Levels 1 - 4

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online customised sports training program ice hockey

All programs 1-4 include the following aspects that increase with technique and intensity as you progress:

  • Trigger Points to assist in making you more mobile
  • Barefoot Training exercises to activate intrinsic foot muscles
  • Non-Running Warm up to elevate the heart rate and increase blood flow to working muscles
  • Bike Conditioning drill to increase muscular endurance in the legs; important for the ice
  • Ice Hockey Specific Power Training drills
  • Ice Hockey Specific Steering Training drills
  • Ice Hockey Specific Strength Training drills
  • Recovery Foam Roller & Static Stretching exercises

Build Stability and a Strong Foundation for Ice Hockey

Acceleration Online Programs

Our simple to follow program layout includes photos, videos and coaching cues for each and every exercise.

The program design will progress you through set and rep patterns for each exercise.  Record the date, the weights you lift and any questions you need to ask your coach.

In a gym or at your home, your program has been designed to run on your smart phone or tablet.  An free Acceleration Athlete app is available on iOS and Android.


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During level 1 you will perform exercises with slow tempo to ensure that you maximise your muscle adaptations for size and stability. Build up your bulk during level one so that you can get amazing gains in strength during level 2. We will start to address different areas specific to Ice Hockey such as groin flexibility, lower body strength, and aerobic fitness. 

Level 2 will address balance and lower body power training in combination to low volume strength training for large strength gains. Do this training phase and watch your maximum strength go through the roof. 

Level 3 works to develop your energy systems off the ice with repeat sprints and a high volume strength work-out to challenge every muscle in your body. This is probably the most challenging Level mentally and it will set-up your season with a great mix of power, strength, and endurance. 

 Level 4 combines all areas of athleticism for ice hockey so that you are fit, strong, and fast for competition. Basically all of your work from the previous 3 programs culminate into a grand finale with this 4th and final program before your season. You will break personal bests in strength and you will be moving the best have ever in your life with our specific power training program for Ice Hockey. 

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Price: AU$100.00  $85.00 AUD
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